Monday, May 31, 2010

Demo stand Picture 2

This is the latest pic i have of my demo station. Ok, so i know this is just the monitor, but one thing at a time. The side panel i have created are pretty much what i want, only they are currently just printed paper. I tried to print them properly and my printer refused to work right. It kept printing the main body of black text as grey. this is real annoying, as otherwise i think i would have them created onto the mounting board etc.

Next up is to do the base board for the bottom of the monitor and then start assembling the rest of the actual stand, and locking pieces into place etc. But more of that later...

I did get my joystick pulling code done today for A Shooter, but that was it. I haven't even had chance to test it properly yet. More to do as usual. I may need help or something. Maybe just less Apathy.


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