Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Player Ships

This is what i saw when i got up this morning. Ok, not quite as i got up. But soon after my PC was on and i was looking at my emails. This one made me smile in a way that can be quite rare. I expected Terry to knock out some ship graphics for me, ones that cuold even have partially resembled what i had drawn myself. I never quite expected them to lok so georgous and faithfull to my original designs. check them out below.

The main reason for different designed ships is for the colorblind people out there. Yeah it's a bit of trouble, but i am Indie and control what is going into this game. So i control the fact i wanted to do something to differentiate between player ships. How hard would it be to play a shooter like this ith a friend or wife and fine you could never be sure which your ship was ? For none colorblind peolpe like me it is easy, and i just go with what color i am.

I sure hope these ships work, as i reckon they are lovely..

Any opinions, please let me know.


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