Sunday, May 16, 2010

1000 Pieces of software

Today the news came in that XLIG now has a 1000 pieces of software on it. Simply amazing. I was also informed that this mean't that 1.8 games a day was being produced for the channel from it's inception.

This is truly amazing that this much could have been created by people and placed on this successful service.

However, it makes me wonder a few things.

So I called it all software, to avoid the distinction of calling everything an App (bad word on xblig), and the Games would have taken umbridge at that too. So Xblig is full of games and applications.

oh my wonderings...

1. How many games are there on Xblig?
2. Therefore how many are apps?
3. Which gives the channel more press coverage (remember there is no such thing as bad press!)
4. If the average is 1.8 a day. Who has been writing software and publishing it that took less than 11 hours to create? I am sure there are some examples out there, i could name a few but i won't.
5. Will i also get lucky or something and get one of my games in lights? Or do i already need a name to make a name?
6. Should I jump on the Avatar / Zombie etc bandwagon. This is one of those questions that so many Developers are asking at present. I am also asking myself... And , yeah.. I sort of hate myself for it.
7. Should I just go sensationalist with my next game?

Too many questions, too many choices... And if you get off to a good start when released, you are so much more likely to be successful. anything that misses that early boat, for whatever reason is probably doomed. sometimes you cannot control the tide..

8. When will i be able to control the release date of my game. This is still so freakin STUPID. I have money and prizes and promotions to setup and I cannot truly set them up properly till I know when the game is to come out. Give me some control. I know most of the developers couldn't give a hoot. They do not advertise Xblig, they do not advertise their game.. Hell most don't even do a stinking poor attempt at video. But some devs care, some have the understanding of marketing. Some need just a bit more help.. Please?


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  1. Number 8 is my favorite point of this list. Even if it was as simple as giving us devs exactly 7 days from passing review until it is on the service... that would help tremendously. As it is right now we have to tell reviewers and fans... "Maybe today maybe 2 weeks from now, but its in review."

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