Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1 Dollar game... Of course ?

So here I am working on what is supposed to be a 1 dollar game. Already I have overspent my time in rather a big way. But i make games to have a certain minimum quality. I also make them cos it fullfills some part of my creative soul. I really love it when people play my games. So far I have not been particularly lucky in that last regard.

My argument for games on any service is that I write games for people to play. However if noone downloads them or plays them, why do I bother ? Luckily for me I have a strong sense of worth (rightly or wrongly). I feel that one day people will see my games, especially an under the radar game like Pellmell, and see just how well put together this game is. Then after that maybe they will just how unique the levels and scroll control gameplay really is. I think this all keeps me going, as as the fact I need to create something. One day It could just possibly turn into a real business for SorceryGames, but till then I will keep doing conversions and semi-original stuff and getting paid for it.

So what price for games? Recently there have been some real stonkingly great games released on XBLIG. They seem to have all hit the 1 dollar price point. Oh woah is me. We have set a precident and now noone dares step over the magic 1 dollar mark for their games. So the quality of 1 dollar games goes up and up. Now competing with such is really hard. Just how do you make a 3 dollar game when 1 dollar games have at least 3 dollars worth of value in them? I am stuck on this conundrum now. The sad part is that I beleive I will also go for 1 dollar. This is also a travesty and my only feeling is that I have no choice. The choice has been made by my Peers, in the search for more downloads and popularity (I do not blame their logic at all). Yes, you heard that right. I do not blame them at all, the system is setup to reward pure numbers. Hopefully one day this will change. Before we all lose our own backing, trying hard  to keep financially supporting Xblig buyers.


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