Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cross XBLIG marketing Idea

Some of my fellow developers are awesome... Yes, not all!

Anyway i am going to try something a little different in A Shooter, that is to put in a sprite from other devs upcoming games. Presuming they want this. So..

Get a sprite from their upcoming title, Place it into my game somewhere. my example is a bee from an upcoming shooter, place it into a couple of levels as a simple collectable.
Then put a special section into my credits page. Something like, 'Special Appearances', 'Bee from upcomingshooter'

This sounds cool to me, not sure if it can generate any hype, but one never knows.


  1. That's a cool idea.
    I'd definately be up for some cross developer easter egging action if I actually had characters in my game :)
    Maybe next time.


  2. When ya get something you think can be usable, just let me know. Adding an alien or somthing like that to my game will not take me long at all.