Saturday, May 15, 2010

Xbox and Xna is nice

So i got to work a bit on some bugs today for A Shooter. It was nice to solve some Xbox specific bugs. I love the way I connect to the xbox and can live debug so easily. In my professional capacity it isn't quite so easy to work with professional debug stations. So i am loving this.

Last night I did manage to play through the whole of the shooter. It was good to finish the game, however it did crash rigth at the end. After some debugging today I found it was the old save game that was loading in and breaking the new save data format. DOH! I have done that before and that is why my saved data has a version number with it, so it can easily be rejected :S.. Version numbers in such things are a great thing to do, if ya not using one. I suggest you change that now. I can for instance change my format and include a reformatter in a new version which would upgrade the save data to the new format. Very important bit of info that!

Oh, cos it crashed, i do not know what my score was.. ARGH!

Well g'night.

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