Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Demo Stand

I have started on the Demo stand. I am using an old table that i made for my sons room many a year ago, this table was to hold his PS1 and it did it well. Then it moved onto holding his gamecube. Now it is going to be repainted black and have an addition on the bottom (to make it taller). Then a curtain and a monitor on top and ooh, an Xbox 360 at it's heart.!

So this weekend we bought all the bits i would need. Velcro strapps, and a couplea sheets of plywood a can of black spray paint. I am sure we bought more stuff too, but i cannot remember.

Well tonight i painted the stand black. I also redid the top splash baord for the monitor. I didn't like the old one as it looked a bit crap. Like i had just knocked it together real quick. which i guess i did. However this led me to a much nicer top board. Currently it is being compressed to let the glue dry and it stick real wel together. I am not sure if the stand will look great, cos in my excitement i have spray painted it black... In the dark! Yup, i did it at about 11:30 at night, outside, haha! Tomorrow might tell mne a story methinks.

Apart from that i have a monitor and really need to made the 16 inch high box that will be the base of the stand. Then the stand wil be attached to that and finally that will make it high enough for people to stand and play my games on it.

I am rather excited tbh. I am also excited as I fixed the bugs a friend found in the game, but also i added a new type of credits screen. Specifically for Sponsors credits. Here's hoping i get some at some point soon.

I think maybe tomorrow the game can go back into playtest for a week or so. It has a lot more stuff in it now. Ok, i know most is just stuff to make it look nice etc, but it still needs to be tested. And stuff that looks nice is what will probably sell it. I need more good stuff!

Once i get something going with me stand i shall post up some pictures. Yeehaw!


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