Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blizzard Hacked my Wow account?

How can i say such a thing as the title to this post?


My account was hacked a few days ago. As were my friends accounts of the last several months. Ok tos this isn't new news really. But what is new news, is that i believe it is not the Hackees fault. There are no key loggers on my machine. There were no key loggers on several of my friends machines.

Blizzard tells us that it is our fault. OUR machines have been compromised etc. That is BS i tell ya. There is nothing on on any of mine or my friends machines. (ok, so one of them had a key logger ok!). The rest of us feel secure with our solid virus checkers and scanners and firewalls etc.

Ahh, it's that Curse gaming and it's addons mate! No it freakin isn't. I can tell ya that cos i don't use addons. I am a Neanderthal when it comes to such enhancements.

So please someone tell me how Blizzard can possibly believe that an account that has been dormant for over 6 months could possibly have been key logged? Just how is that done now?

Her is another oddity about the recent 'Hacks'. the accounts had their passwords changed, and some had authenticaors put on them. Now mine was just a password change... But.... where was the email telling me that my password had been changed? I got one when i went on and changed it myself to get back my account. How can this possibly be? This is also the same thing that happened to my friends accounts. This is BS i tell ya. Somehow someone changed my account password and i wasn't notified by Blizzard... Let me think about that.... does that mean that in reality Blizzard is the one being Key logged? Then they use those admin paswords to suppress password account change emails?

Something is wrong, and someone needs to do something about it. Class action for all those 2 week periods that everyone is losing. I have to say that emotional trauma is another point. My son cried when i told him we had been hacked and all our characters were now naked and poor. This is complete and utter BS.

I am really annoyed about this and i have noone to shout at. I HATE that. I need to vent to someone and i wish it could be Blizzard, but all ya do there is hold the line till ya get a poor sap to shout at, and that isn't satisfactory!


Anyone got any ideas on this? I BLAME Blizzard, they lost my details at the very least. do they have an emplyee that is stealing these things?

Good Freakin Night!


  1. Happened to me years ago.
    They need to keep tabs of these things and revert your character and belongings to it's "pre-hacked" state.

    It doesnt' cost anything. And would make it a bit more tolerable.

  2. They do account restores and send everything stolen back to you in the mail, but that's downright annoying as well. Pages of in game mails to go through and resort.

    Authenticators still seem secure, although that's just because I haven't heard of it happening to someone with one attached yet. The no email on the password change is especially confusing. Usually such a thing should only be possible for an admin. But if someone actually managed to crack that I'd expect a much bigger and more active assault on accounts (not to mention seeing authenticator accounts hacked as well). Unless maybe they're being too smart about it in order to keep their advantage...

    I actually suspect someone has managed to figure out how to steal passwords in transit to Blizzard. Which would indicate that whatever encryption Bliz is using on the login info has been compromised. Authenticators would still work then, but of course they're on a backorder of several weeks.

    Really frustrating, this whole situation. And one I think Bliz is just trying to ignore at the moment. They've become quite good at ignoring the issues and players they don't feel like dealing with...

    Bah, now you have me venting as well!

    Hopefully you get restored soon Rob.

  3. It will take some time to recover my stuff. Also Blizzard has a habit of not giving everything back right away. They might restore 1 of your characters, but then you have to ask the the others to be done. Sometimes multiple times i am told.
    I hope i don't have to rant again abuot that bit, argh!