Friday, May 21, 2010

Once again Twitter Buddies to the Rescue

Today and in fact a few days ago i was stuggling with some Xna coding. I know i probably should read all the help and documents pertaining to the C# language and the Xna suite provided by Microsoft. But i cannot bring myself to spend the time. It would be time not spent on programming and gameplay. So what do i do when i get stuck.

Well to start off i try to find any web page with the right info on it. Then i browse the Xna forums and Faqs. But if these turn up empty, as they have recently, what should I do ?

In both these cases i ended up posting a simple question to my twitter feed. Then wait a few minutes or less, and Voila.. refresh and the answers are mine. Not just simple answers. Some people give me links and more info than i ever needed. WOOT! It is like having my own workmates, or online live help. Seome people from twitter have helped me sort design items out and color etc.

These people ROCK and deserve a lot of credit for caring about lil ole me.

Thanks eveyrone for the recent help.

This is only the recent selection of help i have received. I apologize if your name is not present and you have helped me recently. I cannot get it all right all the time. Or even some of it right some of the time. HAHA

g'night and Twitter on!

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