Sunday, May 23, 2010

Latest verion of A Shooter

My latest version has come a long way since it was last in playtest. Yet it is about ready to go back in there. This time there are a few more technical additions to my game. Onces that will require people to test them.

They are:-
the Global Hghscore System.
the Presence system.
the Tell a Friend system.

Oh how i have worked on the Xbox version....

I have put a lot of bells and whistles into the Xbox version. Stuff that just will not work on the PC. So now my artist will not be able to see everything properly, which is a pity.

Anyhow, here is the latest update notes i have for A Shooter...

  • All graphics are in and working. I believe them all to be done. however I have not done a formal pass over the game, as i will early next week. It has looked great as i have been testing stuff today.
  • .New Score animations are in and look great.
  • .New pita is in and now i got him animating (oops missed that first time round haha), he looks sweet.
  • .Carousel is now in properly under it's own alien name. Again, real sweet.
  • .The new boss health bar is simply Rock on tommy! Everyone loves it.
  • .New splash screen no longer screams at me for being so different to the title page.
  • .Added an option to the title page for telling a friend, this on the xbox brings up the message send requester. However i do not like the fomartting, but love the name. bah! more work to do there i guess.
  • .Added 'Shout your Score' button in none trial mode. This allows you to send a message to friends with your score in it at the end of each level or at game over. Great challenge idea.
  • .Added presence to various places within the game. It could be sweet to know your friend is playing 'A Shooter' and fighting a boss!
  • .Added a whole bunch of player signed in and profile privelage settings for the above two addons.
  • .Tweaked a few things, mostly animation timings and of course the new fade out on the scores.
  • .Sent messages to myself and friends. they seem to work.. Woohoo!
  • .Global highscore sharing is active on the xbox. deactivated on the PC version as it seems to kill the debugger and renderer. Bah!
  • .Sped up some rendering routines. Mainly the way they create garbage. so it was a real garbage clean up day haha. I could do more, but if noone sees slowdown, i won't bother.
To Do...
  • Still have audio to do. My audio man has been strangely quiet today. Guess i will have to do it myself tomorrow.
  • Add a new credits screen for the sponsors i am in hope of getting.
  • Pass over everything in the game and make comments. Some comments will be for the future of my games, others will be things i need to fix. Some will be if i am bored, so optional.
  • Marketing...
  •    I need to get my marketing texts ready for the Xbox description.
  •    Need to prepare the pulic announcement. Or press release.
  •    Need to get my stand ready for showing off my game.
  •    Need to get Marketing and more marketing setup before the title goes out.
  •    Get me T shirts made. Then start the competitions (get em ready, rules etc). Once more minimlism as they are so expensive.
  •    Get me a nice Sorcerygames hat, for prizes and promotional work. wonder how much they are :O
  • Sort out admission to Pax10
  • Sort out new Playtest version for Xblig
As you can tell, i have a lot to do. More than i have on this list, but some things will have to wait.
So wish me luck, and Hopefully by the middle of next week i shall be back into Playtest for the 3rd or 4th time.

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