Thursday, May 13, 2010

the Big Daddio steps up

He sent me a sprite sheet today for his Drone Bee. This is a sprite that he will be using in his upcoming game (no name as yet). I have already placed it into the game and given him a mention on the credits page. I do have to say that I am very excited by this. A few other Devs have talked to me, but none have gone and sent me a sprite so far. I hope to have 3 other Dev game sprites in my game by the time it ships. We shall see if that is possible.
Here is what ya have been waiting for, pictures of the Bee in question and the credit I have so far given. I hope this does something, I am not sure what. Though what do we really have to lose?

It looks smaller on this shrunk picture, but it the bee swerves up and down across the screen fairly quickly, animating those buzzy wings as it goes. It is worth 20K points and a really nice full screen (nearly) effect.
This is my current work in prgress credits screen. Shrunk once more for the internet. I am Hoping that theBigDaddio can name his game before A Shooter goes to Review, sometime in the future.

So one down, hopefully 2 more to come. Three is what i feel i have the room and patience for. Patience to put into the game and test.


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