Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marketing Where art Thou

The game in nearing completion. I know you have heard that before. But every day that goes by makes it more complete. When will it truly be ready. Well once i have the last few things sorted. At the moment that list is quite short.

Global High Scores
New Graphics
More balancing tweaks.

Yeah, still not got to finish the global high scores. I need to spend that money on a second creators account, and then hope that will sort out some of my issues. Noone has responded to my XNA forum posts about my issues, so it is go it alone time. I really just need time and that bit of money spending. with all the network experience I have, it should be easy enough to fixup watever is wrong. Even though this is not my code.

New graphics are coming along and I am putting them in slowly. at the moment slowly is an ssue i face in everything. Ahh well.

Balancing is something that is never done. A job I guess. It will be as good as it is when it goes live. But at the moment I am quite confident the balance is pretty darned good.

Still i put more tweaks in today, balance and graphics wise. The game is getting there.. so i need to get on with marketing.. But now my arm hurst (shoulder).. so the title of this post will have to wait to be fulfilled tomorrow.


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