Thursday, May 13, 2010

Once again I fail at Facebook

It seems it is finally time for me to call it quits. I have no idea how Lighthousegames manage their page. It appears to have all the functionality I would like. It does not seem to hard to get going. In fact I just got some of the stuff working on my personal page. however this is not where i want to post my blog pages and twitter feeds. All i want is simple stuff, but seems to be held away from me by the facebook business page system. One that wants businesses to be faceless and anti-social. Which of course i find funny coming from a social site.

I want my twitter to be fed to my page. (works on personal page, won't sign in on business page)
I want my blog to RSS post on my wall. (works on personal page, doesn't do anything on business page)
I want to show indie and other dev websites. (favorite pages works on personal, will not work correctly on business page).

It is a simple wont.. But one that I am unable to fulfill..

G'night from a broken man

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