Saturday, May 29, 2010

Need a picture of me stand

I know this is weak sauce, but i cannot take a picture yet of my stand. Well actually i can take a picture.. Only i cannot get the photos off the camera atm.

I am gonna see what i can do abuot this, as i haven't gotten very far, but i have gotten somewhere.

I was a good day today, watching my tenni team win the division and celebrating with them. Even though i cannot play at the moment it was a good time. Then we go to Taco Bell for some grub then back home. A good day, then my kids went off to a friends house wher they played with the two boys there  (mostly castle crashers). Then we went over later and the kids were in the pool for several hours. On the way home much later there was a sobriety checkpoint in Wood Ranch. I have never seen one of these before. Quite interesting. As i had not been drinking at all i wasn't worried.

So now i am back home abnd back to working on the stand flanges. (hmm, great word flanges). Yeah, i did work on them in the afternoon. But i was an idiot... Yeah, ya heard it here first. Don't try and do text layout and design in paintshop packages. Like i spent way too long doing. Instead use a package like word. Well i hope that is gonna work, and i am about to find out.

When i get a picture or two, ill post them up.


Well i found a nice SD card reader i had forgotten about, so below are my first pictures of my developing Demo station.

This is the whole demo station. With my bed behind it andscissors and velcro and all that great stuff one needs to have to make anything cool.
This is a Closer view of the Top deck, though you can clearly see in this picture the bottom deck, and that is where the Xbox will reside soon.
This final closeup has the actual maounting board company logo and the XBLIG logo on it. That one is velcro'd on and ready to go. The left side one is the new test printout from the new Word Docx that i made. And yeah, I was dumb and word is so much easier to do this in. Good knowledge. now i have to print the lect one properly and then start work on the right side. Then it is back to more preparing of the stand i guess.

with that... Good Night.

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