Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wheres me Pen Drive?

It was a good ay today. Though the pain in my shoulder has not sibsided at all, I got a good nights sleep (thanks vicodin). Then today i really wanted to start on the collection of items for my marketing campaign.

So at lunch time my partner Paul drove me to Dave High Inc in Simi valley. My aim was to talk to them there about making me T-shirts and Hats with my company logo on them. I figured it would take like a couple of minutes, maybe even 5.

One hour later we left Daves shop. This guy rocks, and is talented and knowledgable. He had a lot of different style prints to show me and we got chatting about his history in animated movies and more. It was a great time and both me and Paul enjoyed meeting him, oh Dave is the owner of the shop :) while I was there I used my Pen drive to show him my artwork. And of course we left it when we went to get lunch. DOH! One final note is that Dave showed us a lot of his artwork, this guy is amazing. I am hopeful that I might at some point  get him interested in doing some artwork for one or more of Sorcerygames books.

Today was a day when I got more artwork from Terry my artist for A Shooter. He has been working on the player ship. The first iteration i didn't care for and I got to explain that i wanted the player ships to look like they are made by a different race of creatures. I compared Klingon design with Federation design. Which he took in his stride and toady produced a lovely player ship. YAY!
Player #1 ship
Lovely isn't it. I liked this ship and am now so excited to see the other players ships. I just need to get my color chart to Terry. I will do that later tonight. the other graphics he gave me are also nice and are already in the game. I hope tonight we can sort out the audio balance isues and add a couple more Sfx in the game.


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