Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marketing A Shooter pt?

Well here i am injured. It is hard to even write notes as to what I need to do at the moment. However typing is less painful and so maybe I should do all my work on that. Not quite sure how I will fare tomorrow at work in my day job. Heck, I cannot even drive atm..

So I have made a list of the things I reckon I need for Marketing. My marketing strategy is listed in previous posts. my short list loooks like this:-

  • Sorcery Games Logo Board 26"x5" or so.
  • A Shooter Logo Board 13"x3.5" or so.
  • Printed materials for monitor sides (for demoing my game etc) 5"x13".
  • Sorcery Games Logo T-Shrirts for prizes and to wear while promoting.
  • Sorcery Games Logo Embroidered hat, also to wear and possible prizes.
  • Table for putting my Xbox360 in/onto and lock in place.
  • Montior that can lock onto table.
  • Flyers for easy give away promotion in bags etc.
  • Info sheets for gathering emails and names for promotional activities.
  • More company business type cards with twitter/facebook/webpage listed.(thanks Michael)
I reckon for now that is it. Of course I am also still acquiring email addresses of anyone that will review my game. I will be continuing to collect those lists as I am able.

This week I start on compiling this list of items. it is very exciting, but i never realised how hard it is to find t-shirt printing and stuff. It seems they work weekly hours only, :S bah!

Once the stuff starts coming in, i shall start taking pictures to put in this blog for you all to see.


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