Monday, May 10, 2010

Facebook here I come!

You may have read about my facebook issues over the last months. I hate the place... Well ok, i Hate the stupid interface, the way it hangs barely together. It just seems like so much broken code to me. the design is odd and a lot of the time unintuitive. Basically it is a buggy place without many options. I setup a business page for me company. This was ok till i tried hard to become a friend of another site. It wouldn't let me. I do not know why, still don't... So it's crap. However i am commited to getting the facebook page sorted. Soo here I go again, for the umpteenth time. This time though i am armed with others pages I like, so i just need to emulate them :)

Here are a few pages I wanna link to when I have me page.
RBG Entertainment
Xbox Arcade/Action & Shoot em up games from $1 (£0.85)
Xbox Indie Games
NXE Wallpapers
Xbox Puzzle and Trivia games from $1 (£0.85)
The Official Xbox LIVE Indie Games Fan Page
Xbox Indies
Dehon Freegame DehonGames

Now i know that must just be the start, So if you have a page I should link with, please let me know. I will add you to my list.

The page will be up and running once i know one thing.....

What kind of page do I create ?
  1. Business
  2. Brand, Product or Organisation
  3. Artist, Band or Public figure
I do not know! I do not understand what they mean. My current page which is broken is a business page. anyone who has any insight i would welcome the advice.


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