Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Devs just Rock

Lately i have been chatting quite a lot with various other Xblig Developers. We hav been sending little messages across twitter and back. It has been fun, it has been revealing. It has been a litle bit of an eye opener.

I have gotten closer to some of these devs because they are like me. In various ways I see what they are up to and can most definitely feel their pains and as well as their hopes and dreams.

Here are a few points..
We all want more from Xblig
We want the channel to be more successful, not just our own titles.
We see that other titles being successful has the potential to be good for our business too.
We all put our hearts and souls into our games.
Disappointment when soemthing worked on so hard is not successful.
Some level of disappointment when an Avatar zombie game that is crap sells well.
Although we do not all have the same experience or talent, effort is measurable.
We want to do more from our games, but feel that current Xblig will not support our efforts.

Ok, i am gonna stop there. I have had a lot of conversations with other devs. It has ben fun and that is something i never expected from Twitter, which at one time i hated and thought was worthless. I no longer feel that way. It has given me a way to connect with my Peers and i love it for that.

So... To all you Indie devs that I chat with each month or week on and off. Keep doing what ya doing and I wish ya all the best of luck. (yes, i know some people i am refering too are not on Xblig, but Xna and iPhone etc).

Time to work on the Global high score again :o

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