Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ARGH! I just don't know

I am here feeling down once more.

Tonight I had a few thoughts that would enable me to fix the problem of the builds I am doing not working on my iPad in development mode. I went and checked the current certificate for development I have on my HD under Marmalade 7.2, and I was shocked to see I hadn't copied that certificate file into marmalade at all. This made me happy, YAY! So I did and rebuilt and downloaded to the iPad... Dang, it didn;t install.

Then shortly after this I realized the date of the certificate was just over a year old. OMG, this is great this must be an old certificate as they only last a year. Got the new one downloaded and tried that, rebuilt the package and put it on my iPad. Once again it was a no go :(

A bit later I realised I must need a provisioning file that matches the new dev certificate, I donwnlodaed a new one built with the new certificate. HA! this must be it! However after another rebuild and download, it was again a none install.

I am not certain what is next, I am once again out of ideas.

frustrated once more...

Da Voodoochief

Monday, May 5, 2014

It's a Wall, whaddya want me to do?

Sometimes when I am working on a problem I get stuck. Ok, so maybe it happens quite a lot. Usually when the game development is out of my own control. In my control I can see and simply avoid those blockages and walls before I end up right smack in front of them, wondering how to get over or round or through them.

As it happens I got stuck today, no idea quite how I was gonna get past my problem. The game was crashing very quickly after running and so into the debugger I went. Still the crash simply closed the debugger and I had nothing. So I went for a cup of tea.

After getting the tea I went back to work, this time instead of sitting in front of the problem, it was time to work around it. I set up breakpoints all over the code base (nope I do not know the code base, this is my first time debugging it), everywhere that I felt could run really early, even of course choosing the main() call.

This got me lots of hits and I slowly worked my way through the breakpoints till I crashed. I could then reduce the number I had to a single one very close to the crash. Now I still have a crash, but I feel I am so much closer, and perhaps I can solve that tomorrow.

I am also in this sort of boat with Heroic Simon as well, and I'll be honest and say I am still getting my cup of tea. I have to go back and start the whole iOS certification and Mobile provisioning file stuff all over again, this time taking my time and double checking everything I do. I have no idea why it is wrong, but I am very certain it is that group tasks that make them broken.

Ok, gotta sleep, early mornings for me as I take my daughter to school as the wifey has gone to England for a wedding.

Take care,
Da Voodoochief

Friday, May 2, 2014

Suffering still

I do not have much to say apart from the fact I am still suffering the fact I am unable to deploy my Heroic Simon games to my iPad. I am rather frustrated at this point.

I know that the previous versions worked, before I got Marmalade 7.2. But no one else appears to be having any issues.

Next I know that I changed the mobile provisioning file, and typically that is what causes this kind of install problem. However I have completely redone the certificate and the provisioning files from scratch.

I am simply not sure where to go from here, gah!

Da Voodoochief