Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Mate Terry

My mate Terry is a great asset to any creative endeavour. He knows stuff, he accepts limits, he comes up with great ideas. He also knows how to draw. I have to admit I love working with people who as well as being talented just Get it. You know, get what page your on, or where ya coming from. They may not always agree with your reasoning etc, but it is great when they understand ya. It can certainly make development easier.

I love the way currently he keeps coming up with simple and yet smart ideas and observations. He will make my product so much better than it is already. Everyone needs a workmate like Terry. Someone who i have not had the pleasure of working with for nigh on 18 years. Good friends, good professionalism and good times.

But I did not write this post just to Brag about how good and professional my friends are. I also wanted to show you shome of his graphics.

Fodder alien

Main fighter

Tracking fighter

This is the New Boss!

The style is there, and along with consistent graphical stylings, this game is gonna look real sweet.


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