Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pointless work and Options?

I am sure some people will think the last 30 minutes I spent coding in my new game a pointless and waste of time. I do not agree with this of course for a number of reasons. Oh, first I should tell you what I spent that time on I guess.

I have added a couple of new Options to my Options screen in A Shooter. Here is a picture of the Options screen as it is Now.
A Shooter Options page as of 5/2/2010

As you can see there are quite a few of them. The new ones are the bottom two. Both are related to the starfield. I have put them in because I think they are both fun items. They do not alter the gameplay in any way, but People can play with the way the game looks, and how can that not be fun? I have done similar but more over the top things in some past games. Krakout had some of the wackiest phsychadelic modes I have ever come across and that was a breakout type of game. More of the Jeff Minter style color cycling etc. Anyway, why did I add the functionality? For two reasons, One is that it is more fun with them. Two I really wanted to see what colored stars looked like, and so wrote the code. Sometimes when you write code you really want written, it is like it didn't take any time at all. On another plus side of course I now have more options making the game look bigger than it did.

You might have noticed the order of the options and wondered why I have not ordered them to be a cone shape or something artistically appealing. The order is denoted by how important I think an option is. So difficulty mode has to be Major, followed by volume controls. My new Fun options are least important, so go at the bottom.


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