Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dislocated Right Shoulder

Yup, last night I had a collision with a wire mesh fence. I am 235 pounds and was travelling at great velocity. When i hit the fence it bent lik a reed in the wind. As my arm was upwards and my head downwards it managed to flex enough to dislocate my arm. I yelled as it popped out. It was painfull. Thern as i bounced off the springy fence i landed on the foor and it fortunately popped my shouldert back in. I hurt once more.. Yup i yelled again.

So i am not going to be writing any epic blog posts for a while. It was my right shoulder and i am right handed. Bah!. Yes i have typed all this left handed. It is slow and awkward. Work is also off the cards too, as is playing my game.

G'night all.

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