Sunday, May 30, 2010


It is sunday. A fine day of the week. One of the 7 i look forward to. But today i am being pretty apathetic about everything. Not sure why. I am sure though it has to do with a number of things.

Today is my Dads birthday. He is in England and i am out here in the US. I am missing him today. Not being able to just dawdle round to the house he lives in and stay longer than he wants me too is a bit of a downer. He is the type of dad who tries so hard to please everyone. That is not possible of course, but he tries so hard. When it doesn't work out he gets a bit down about it. Wish he were here with me today, in super sunny california. Though i hear the weather ain't so bad in England. He recently changed his phone number and i cannot find it, argh! So no phone call to him today, maybe i will have better luck tomorrow when i call me mum, at least i have her phone number. Happy birthday Dad, love ya lots.

I did not have a good nights sleep last night. Suffered a bit more with my shoulder, but i suspect that i am also suffering from fatigue. Having a full time job and also working on my Indie stuff is tiring. I just have so many balls in the air at once. All demanding some level of attention most days. Today i feel very weary of all this.

This weekend i really want to finish the the monitor surrounds and also get the box built that it will all sit on top of. This is now a tall order with only 1 more day left of my extended weekend.

Still i had a nap this afternoon and am feeling a little better, but not really excited about much of anything. Doing the technical stuff for A Shooter right now is at the low end of my enthusiasm scale. Maybe i can work through sme of my wish list.

Hope you are all having a better day than i feel i am (cos it isn't really a bad day of course!)


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