Monday, May 17, 2010

Side Scrolling Shooter tips

I'll start off by saying that I saw the Orthopedist today. So now i have to go for an MRI on my shoulder... Geez, i just want my arm back damnit!

Onto this post proper...

Here are the tips i have just written for my A Shooter. I know, ya all thinking that nobody nowadays should need instructions on how to play a pure shooter like this. However I beg to differ. At least a bit. I really do expect most people to know how to play a shooter, but lo and behold, i see players making the same mistakes over and over again. So this time I wrote up some tips. They are not comprehensive in any way, but they do give a good base for people to start being more successful at playing this type of pure shooter. I will of course add to these tips over the next couple of weeks. so it only take me a little time to add such things to my game, and ya never know who might actually read these instructions... I am sure hardly anyone.


1. Dodging bullets is your NUMBER 1 priority. It is survival. You cannot shoot stuff when you are dead and it is game over.

2. Never stop shooting is your NUMBER 2 Priority. You have auto fire. Though it is not as fast as you could fire, it is good to rest your hand for the next big enemy or boss encounter. Sometimes you will just get lucky and shoot a dangerous enemy as it enters the screen.

3. Shooting the most threatening enemies is your NUMBER 3 priority. Practice will tell you which enemies are most threatening. Most threatening are generally the ones that fire the most, though there are times that enemies encrouching on your ship become more of a threat

4. Collecting weapon powerups are your NUMBER 4 priority. Without collecting these you will die a slow death as enemy toughness will eventually outclass your weaponry.

5. Collecting and using smart bombs is your NUMBER 5 priority, but using them is more in line with survival, which is a much higher priority. Dying to enemy bullets while you have smart bombs in the tank is bad.

6. Learning boss patterns is your NUMBER 6 priority. Most people will die on the many bosses. Pay attention to safe spots and their patterns. Then you will proceed through levels much faster.

7. Not using smart bombs and collecting all the stars is your LAST priority. A High score is a great thing. Something to be proud of. Maximizing your score per level is important, but so much less important than survival.


As you can probably tell I realise I have already missed one important tip out, bah! I'll add it tomorrow.

What do you think is important while playing a shooter? Feel free to comment and add your two-penneth worth, or more 8]


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