Friday, May 21, 2010

MRI number 2

So i got to have my second MRI in a 3 week period. I have to say that not having one would be more comfortable. This one of course is for my shoulder. Which is a new problem and not the same one i had the first MRI for (that was elbow).

The upshot is that i have been out of comission as far as playng games or coding for a number of weeks now. Anyone who has dislocated their shoulder i am sure will undertand and comiserate with me. The shoulder is definitely getting better. I am now off the Vicodin and onto more mellow painkillers for sleep. In fact i am gonna try to sleep tonight without any pain medication.. so wish me luck.

Today MRI got me stuffed into the machine like a sausage in a donut. If ya can picture that. Then half an hour of tortorous noises where the machine seems to be telling me there is an emergency and i should get the hell outta there. Well i stayed the course even though my shoulder was burning a bit. I sure hope this result is a good one. ie: no soft tissue damage.

Time will heal, and i hope it will heal fast. It is at least well enough to program with and do some reviews these past few days.


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