Friday, May 7, 2010

Lucky and Jovial

People have commented on how Jovial i am today. even though my arm is in a sling and it hruts me to walk etc. I even got a sprained ankle yesterday while getting out of the car. some people say injuries etc come in threes, so i hope i am done with this last ankle one.

Anyway, they seem to be quite surprised by my chipper attitude. I have to admit to being quite jovial too. Even if in pain and walking with a limp. The reason is simple.

I was lucky.. I am lucky...

When i hit the fence and is bent the way it did, it was my arm one way vs my head and neck the other. This was a truly bad situation where something had to give. Well i am soooo excited that it was my shoulder and not my neck. That would have been truly serious, whereas my shoulder will just take a month to heal, or thereabouts. Now for when i can play tennis again i do not know. But it would most certainly have ben a longer layoff with a neck injury.

Sometimes you have to focus on the positive and not the negative of the situation. That also happens to include XBLIG and making Indie games. So far I am not usccessful, yet I believe there is more to come.


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