Sunday, May 23, 2010

Work and Thoughts

So now A Shooter has it's sounds in. Yes it is true, we finally got a few collection sounds into the game. It seems complete, though i am sure there is somewhere that the sound isn't correct. Maybe i will catch it when i do real playthroughs.

uff, my typing is so much worse tonight than usual, and it is never great :S... bah!

The game is about ready to enter Playtest for maybe once more. It is hard to tell how much more i can afford to put into this title. I am ramping up production on my marketing strategies and stuff.. So many things to do and try and get done. Yikes! Still it was too windy today to spray paint my console tower (the one i will use for demoing my game live outside of Gamestop!).

Here is a link i found funny.

I emailed a guys about the possibility of doing me some Company music. I really want a track that reminds people of 'Live and Let Die' from the Bond movie of the same name. time will tell if he can do it, and if i can afford it. Sure hope i can afford it, it will be coolio!

Not quite sure what else to say, except wait and see what i hope to have up my sleeve very soon!

Indie Devs ftw!


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