Sunday, May 2, 2010

Work to no avail

I worked hard yesterday on some of the stuff i have to do. I really wanted to get to some of the new games in Playtest on XBLIG, but was unable too. After spending way too many hours trying to get my wordpress blog up and running on my web site.

I really want a much more seamless integration of my web site and my blog. Then my few advertisers will be a lot more happy I am sure. However editing the look of the wordpress site is not a fast and furious thing. It does have an importer that will read blogger into it. However it does not keep the html formatting. Ok, so who wrote that crap. C'mon, i can copy and paste the html in, but i have 189 posts. So i am now gonna have to do them all manually. WTF?!!!

So no real Blog posts as the work in progress was quite long and tedious. Here is the link if ya wanna see how far i have gotten.

New Blog


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