Thursday, September 30, 2010

Changes for A Shooter

I managed to borrow a second Xbox again tonight from my friend (thanks Paul). This has allowed me to test my new changes. All minor, but still important to check them over of course.

Changes for the update so far are:-
 1. After loading a save game, reset the sound volumes correctly to loaded settings.
 2. After you have played a game, reset the high score sharing timer to get more instant sharing.
 3. Added a helper sprite to the purple powerup asteroid.
 4. Made powerup asteroids easier to kill. way more fun now!
 5. Now auto saves after actually receiving a high score from someone.

I also played around with a good suggestion of doing a Reply when it is game over. Only i couldn't get the buttonhelp to look right (i have those button defs rather large). I didn't really want to remove my 'shout ya score' so unfortunately it isn't gonna go in, bah!

Not sure i have anything left to fix up for the update. Sooo maybe this will just need more testing and then be ready to go.


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