Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Busy

When a game is about complete or is completing, it is a very busy time for any dedicated developer. Every time i come to this period i am amazed how little sleep i get and how hard i am working. This time also much worse than any time before.

Although i already have 3 titles out on Xblig this is the one i have put the most surounding effort into. What i mean by that is Pellmell is the game i spent developing with the most effort (expect an update soon to bring that prixe down!!). A Shooter is the one that has been in development for the longest time. Though a lot of that time can be attributed to the Kickstarter project and me trying hard to get more in than any sane man can.

So every time i put out a game i learn a little more about what marketing is. I come up with new ideas. Some don't pan out, like the kickstarter project, or the demo days at a local Gamestop. Still i have a need to try and help my game succeed. I see too many good games on Xblig fail for some inexplicable reason, and then there is the otehr side where i see crapplications and barelygames do ridiculously well. So i figure the more i can do to get the word out the better my edge is, the stronger hand i hold at the start of the release. However it is hard work and requires a real commitment. 3 hours of fixing up an Excel sheet with email addresses etc for contacts in the press is nothing really. Yet i believe that more than 90% of games that come out on Xblig have no support or marketing whatsoever.

So each time i put a game out and learn more of what can be done to promote my game, the more time the next one takes upon completion as i put that new found knowledge into action. Lets hope that the Competition i am going to run will place me above the crapplicaions at least on the downloads page.

One day i really hope to expand the number of games i do and also the size and scope of those games.

What will be next i wonder... Steam?  A New Title?

Time will have the answer, as it always does.

At least today my internet is working again, yay!

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