Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mass Media Games - Poker

Mass Media Games is the company i work for and the company that is working so hard on the Home stuff for everyone to enjoy.

Poker will be out this Thursday (tomorrow my time), and it will be only a Limited Texas Hold-em style casual game to start with. I say start with as it is destined to be so much more. I am not certain how much miore. I do know they are working on getting a tournemant mode No-Limit style Texas Holdem fully working. Only this will take some major testing once it is ready (it could be ready now i am not sure).

So those people that want No-Limit, ya just gotta wait a little bit. Though i suggest ya buy the game tomorrow so ya can beat all your friends at Poker without them just bunging all their money into the pile every hand :)

I am not sure what the plans are to expand the game into more modes, but rest assured once i find out i'll post about it. I sure hope everyone enjoys the poker table tomorrow, and i hope i get a few invites to play at some point soon. Once i have time and have finished A Shooter for myself.

I also hope that everyone enjoys the video we have created to promote Poker, that was a lot of fun to act in. (i am the girl with the Airforce hat on).



  1. oh man now to find a way to get some loot to buy one of those....mmy buddy who owns the club im in is gonna get one so let me know your psn name and u will get a invite to come play ..and thanks a million for making this i wanted poker in personal spaces for so long!!!!

  2. I have been waiting for poker tables for personal spaces for ages. I play poker almost on a daily basis for cash, so excuse me while I complain. Here is my impression on it.

    There are many things wrong with it.

    1)People can join in while you're playing, guessing they can rejoin if they lose as well.

    2)Blinds never got raised, and I played for over an hour with just 3 people

    3)Your stack is way to damn big for the blinds, considering its limit and the blinds never get raised.

    4)It is Limit style poker, who actually plays limit?

    5)Rewards for only a full table? Kidding me? If people play serious at the games pace, it could take 3 hours.

    6)No stat tracking

    7)Obvious by the rules, its a cash style limit holdem, which is pointless for this type of game. Cash style holdem only works if you're sitting down with real cash, sit down when ever you want, and leave when ever you want.

    On the bright side, it gives rewards, & first personal space game add on, with 6 players. I know they said they will update it in the future, the question is when? Because this is torture.

  3. Hi Upgrayed-d,

    I hope you enjoy the game. I will have to address ColbaltCurses comments in a real post. I think it is just too big for comments section. Though i don't have all the info i have heard some that i believe i can comment on.

    Da Voodoochief

  4. Hello Voodoo, I don't know how to get in contact with you directly so I will just post on this site. I also tried emailing mass media but my email always gets an error for some reason.

    I just encountered a bug, the game eventually gets frozen, on people who are wearing the move outfit, it happend two seperate times to two differnt people. Someone from a Japan account also could not win the rewards on the game.

  5. Hi CobaltCurse,

    My own email is Voodoochief@sorcerygames. You can email there. Or my work email is We are always very interested in bugs in our products and any reproduction steps people can send us etc. Though it sounds like just having the move clothing on is the issue.

    As for your Japanese friend, i am sorry to say that the Prize items are not Qualified for Japan, only North America and Europe at this time. Once we get the go ahead to make it for the Japanese market we will be able to get the required special data into the prize. It is a pity it does not work though :(

    Thanks for the info and getting it to us quickly, as this means we can address this problem sooner.

    Da Voodoochief