Monday, September 20, 2010

A Shooter Enters Peer Review

So what next?

Take a nice break and sip a BIIG cuppa tea?

Nope is the short answer. In fact i started this morning by peer reviewing 4 games. I know i should have been working on the Press release, but i gotta pay my dues. In fact i quite enjoyed most of them, so it wasn't torture, but it does take me a fair while to get through them. When i am in the middle of developing a game i do not have much bandwidth to do much reviewing and i tend to prefer Playtest anyways. So they are the only games i usually do, unless it is one of the Peers i chat with regularly on Twitter. My Tweeple can have my time anytime!

So yeah, ya mighta guessed it. I have not done the press release yet. and to be honest i am not in the mood tonight either, or not at this point in time. So maybe tomorrow sometime, i will see then. What is bothering me is still the setting up of the competitions for the t-shirts and hats i bought. What if the high score sharing component doesn't work out. I guess i could cancel the comp till i do another version, yeah maybe thats it.

Well i have spent an hour testing my games review version on the xbox and it seems aok. time will tell on that one as well.


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