Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Promo Video - is it important?

There seems to be two theories on this that i can ascertain from reading blogs and forum posts, and also talking with other knowledgable people.

1. It makes very little difference
2. It will help sell the game

These two are not opposites and can certainly both be true. In fact I personally believe them both to be true. Though there is one aspect to making a video of your own game that goes beyond money. It is 'Worth'. If you believe in your product, then you should have no problem being able to come up with a short Promo video for it. If you do have a problem, then maybe something is missing or just not quite finished yet.

I make videos for all my products. In fact i rather enjoy the challenge of putting al my work into about 1 minute and thrity seconds of video. Adding titles and overlays and transitions as i think will help make it more appealing and palatable.

I now have a basic script for the A Shooter video and have already recorded all i need (or i believe i do). So tomorrow i get to start on editing the video together. Chopping and hacking and splicing a small video together from about 20 minutes of footage. It is a time consuming thing to do, but i am usually proud of what i end up with. as i was especially so with Pellmell.

1. If it makes little difference because noone sees it, then it is what it is. I will put it out there and shout about it the best i can. Publicity for an Xblig product is just hard to find.
2. I think the video if done well will certainly help sales. It will mostly help downloads. Though again, i will need people to see it.


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