Friday, September 10, 2010

A Shooter is ready

I think i have it all sorted now.

Tonight i have stayed up stupidly late and...

1. Made the save faster by making it save so much less xml, down from 2MB to 64KB.
2. Fixed a bug my friend Ben told me about with the stars that fall from the bosses.
3. Made it so local profiles cannot be entered into the Global scoreboard. I believe i have left silver in there, but i am not sure about the privilage call i checked.
4. I have corrected an incorrect error message when a none signed in player attempts to 'Tell a friend'

Oh, i think that is it. I will have to give it a proper once over tomorrow before i put it into playtest, but i think it is ready at this early hour of the morning.

Wish me luck :)


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