Friday, September 17, 2010

A Shooter Video is done.

Yep it is true. After too many hours i have the new promotional video for A Shooter. Check it out below.

I don't think it came out too badly. My only real disappointment is that i am only showing off a fraction of the enemy types that are in the game.

I also noticed that Youtube have not used the default picture i told it too, bah! Now it is a generic frame from the video, that is annoying...


  1. As said on youtube it looks very promising to me. I have just watched an additonal video by you over there at youtube. The soundeffects are nice and add a great atmosphere to the game imo! Gameplay is just one side of the medal, soundeffects the other. Well and graphics of course...or perhaps ;) In short: You know how to progam games. Looking forward to play it. Is there any ETA on "A Shooter" already?

  2. Hey Matey,

    Thanks for commenting and thanks for the positive comments. I hope the game lives up to your expectations. I have tried hard to make it work, and i do love to get sounds into a game. It is not really something I get to spend enough time on, but i do love a good set of effects. I also love to hear music that seems appropriate for game content and smoothly transitions to the new atmosphere etc.

    I hope ya enjoy it, and the ETA is erm.. Well it's Peer review and i shall be putting it in there tonight. I believe it to be ready. So maybe a week unless i fail Reveiw. If that happens, i'll be blogging about the failure :D

    Da Voodoochief

  3. No problem on commenting good things :-)

    All the best for this candidate (and for your selling rates of course). Ill have an eye on your twitteraccount, another one to here and one more on that xna-site of course :-)

    That means Im an Alien, lol ;-) Keep me / us informed.

    - Lohengriehn (Germany)