Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Shooter Comp - Event1 Winner

Here is the photo i took of my Xbox screen while on the Global Highscore table.

As you can see Terminhater is number 1 by a country mile, but i had to disqualify him for the simple reason he worked on the game. Sorry Terry. so the prize for this weeks competition goes to Gontyanbaby. Who i sent off a friend request to earlier this evening. Once i have his tshirt size and address, a tshirt will be winging it's way to him. SinedX360 has already won a Tshirt as well.

I look forward to receiving scores all week from people playing the game. It is very very exciting for me to see these scores being posted to me. I also realised that the time difference for European players could leave them at a disadvantage. So i will be setting up times that will be in the evenings for them. sorry i did not consider this before now.

Check the competition rules and info HERE.
There have also been several mentions of the competition and i really need to find those links.
Also i have 2 reviews so far. One at and the otther at



  1. Haha. There I see myself, lol. It was just 1 or one more enemy to shoot at to beat Gontyanbaby in points for me. But I wasnt able to avoid the bullet hell in level 9 and there my spaceship has been cracked up faster than I realized. And I got excited, because I knew Im somewhere around place 2/3/4 :D Should have shot the enemies in earlier levels I guess :-)

    Lets try another attack :-)

  2. Ahh mate, you were soo close. Ya just gotta take care of that boss and watch your score jump about 150K. You can do it.

    Hint: level 9, stafe a lot up/down. But always kill the yellow dudes at the very bottom, they are killers. When on the bos, keep flying ahead of him, going forwards as well to his next horizontal desitination. When he gets there, just leave and go to his next destination. Bullets will mostly just miss ya easily.

    good luck.

    Da Voodoochief

  3. Hehe. Thanks for some hints. Tried, but was able to put an additional amount of just 8000 points on my recent personal highscore. Better than nothing. I guess there is some kind of border I simply cant pass because of some missing player skills :-) And I noticed, Im better when playing directly after I stood up, lol :D

    My brother and me are still enjoying the game as a small feedback for you. He about to buy it too right after he returned to Cologne (on a visit at me currently). I have played the game around 30 times so far (according the local highscore list) and for just 80pts that means its a real steal. Thanks.

  4. Hi Matey,
    80 points is quite a lot if you never actually got further, it must mean you are remembering th elevels better each time you play. I will be doing a video later this week to show a number of the bosses and how to do them. Then another next week.
    You are the only person i know playing ultiplayer, i sure hope you guys are finding that fun. Harder settings are a real challenge for multiple players.
    Thanks very much for posting, it makes me feel much better after my design flaw in the purple rocks. (oh and new patched up version coming as soon as i can get it out).

    Da Voodoochief

  5. Hello.

    Just sent a new highscore to you. It really seems Im missing some gamer skills in level 9 :-) My ship has been cracked up again at a special point right after the level starts. Perhaps my brain just is too small to process all of the effects (mainly bullets :)) Im confrontated with in lvl 9 :D

    But its a very nice competition to me to engage that problematic point in level 9. Each time I earn a few additional points onto the older highscore. So there seems to be a learning curve in my brain at least.

    I really enjoy AShooter I have to say. The controls works very fine. The sound effects are fine also. And if you want something really freaky...I enable those gigantic stars and enjoy the effect they produce. Very nice.

    Lets see how much I can add. In case Gontyanbaby doesnt know: Im on to dismantle your highscore very soon! Better add some points in advance, haha ;-P

  6. I am glad you like the game. The patch is ready to go now. But will need to get through Peer Reveiw adn the 48 min time in reveiw.

    Tonight though i will be posting a High Score for myself :)

    I will also try and do a video tonight of several bosses in the game. Depends on time :O

    (those gigantic stars make it HARD to play, though i admit they are silly fun. When playing in the harder mode i turn the stars off completely!)

    Da Voodoochief