Friday, September 3, 2010

Whats Next?

Well now A Shooters main issues have all been addressed (yeah i finished hooking up the encrypted save, though it seems a little slow. I am sure i can speed it up by a factor of 100 if i tried....)

Next up is to work on the video and grab some good screenshots and erm, work on the prose that will entice people to download it.

Doesn't sound like much i know, but this will take me a bundle of time. I also need to get the game back into playtest, hopefully for a final time.

So, i am gonna start recording some playing now.


Whoa i just found this most excellent feature in Fraps. I own my copy and have used it to record my gameplay a number of times. I think it is an excellent program and really cheap. But, OMGoodness, it also records screen shots for ya. You can set it to record every so many seconds after pressing the activate key. And here i was expecting to have t use my sons finger to press the print screen key and me pause each time to place it into an art package. WooT

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