Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Shooter enters Playtest

Should i Doom my latest playtest version by saying that this will be it's last time in there before Peer review.. Yeah i guess i just did.

There is a very large discussion going on about high score sharing on Xblig at the moment. I have several comments in there myself. There are a few groups of Developers or opinionators on every side at the moment, and no clear winners so far. Although i feel that some posters feel they have won or are winning something. Mostly i just think we are just headed for more rules, more restrictions and a lot more time in development and also review.

So remember, it's all for the children. ;)

I am done with this topic for now, though i expect to ruffle some feathers with A Shooter as it does indeed have High Score Sharing. and not in a way that some of these Peers feel is acceptable. I will take my chances and see what goes down. I will not break the rules for my game, however i will argue what those rules should be.


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