Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day of Rest?

It is sunday, it was all day, and i am told it is a day of rest. I cannot honestly remember the last time i rested on any day, never mind if it was a sunday or not.

So this morning i started off by taking the family off roading. It went very well and i think everyones skills improved a bit today and we got through about 25 miles or so. I loved it, though it can make me a bit nervoud watching me kids do something for the first time, like scaling a steeper hill than they usually have a go at etc.

Later we managed to go shopping and eventually i ended up at home for a nap :) I managed to take about an hour and this pleased me greatly cos i was slated to play tome mixed doubles tennis at 8pm. Though that got cancelled at 7:50pm. Ahh well.

In the mean time of the afternoon and later evening as well as playing Wow with my friend and warcraft3 with my son. Who i recently inctroduced to the RTS genre i was thinking about what is next for A Shooter, or more pointedly, what do i need to do before it goes live. Not that it is likely to the first try, but ya never know. It was in peer review a lot of times and for long periods.

So the answer is simply Press Release. However my press release for this game must have some details about the competition i will be running when the game comes out. Hmm, i will think more on this and blog when i have more info i reckon.


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