Monday, September 13, 2010

Promo Video

Tonight i expected to be Peer reviewing a Peers game 'Hypership Out of Control'. But that has not come to pass, as it had already passed Peer review when i finally got home and setup (it is quite late already). so i realized i need to work on some stuff for A Shooter. Currently i have not recived a score from anyone on my mostly running game on the Xbox. This is not a surprise as noone has the time to playtest currently. I am sure it will get a thorough testing once it gets into Peer Review, maybe the end of this week if not sooner.

So i have 3 major things to do on my list, does yours look like mine ?
1. Press release ready to go.
2. Sort out and get the Excel file of reviewer candidates updated.
3. Get the Promo video done and placed on Youtube and

Tonight i really should have done number 2. I was finding it hard to concentrate though and was failing at being able to do this. so i decided to try to work on my promo video. I didn;t expect to get very far, but i am now pleasantly surprised to find i have cut my 5 minutes of video down to 1:20. This is now getting much closer to what it should be. Once i get a couple of video shots that i somehow down't have of some smart bombs going off. I can then do the intro and credits and finalize the order of the set pieces. Then it will be the music and sfx overlays. This all takes so much time, and i am not sure many people really appreciate it.

Still, tonight took me a long way towards getting the video done. I do not believe this will be one of my best, but i hope it at least gets some interest.


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