Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top Mover, me?! (Xblig)

I noticed this a few days ago. I never thought i would make it onto this esteemed list in my life. I just don't have the time to commit enough of it to Peer reveiwing anything that goes. In fact i won't Pass stuff i don't like, and that holds back my score quite a lot. This score does have some importance though, and even to me it is a good marker to see if you are even bothered to review someones game or not.
Is my score as high as i would like it to be? Nope is the answer, and yes i can most definitely do something about it. But it will have to be when it feels right, not just to make a few more rep points.

I have been very busy with my competition this week and also monitoring all the stuff going on. I have f course been fixing a number of minor bugs that have surfaced since release as well. I expect to have a new version ready for Peer Review by thursday sometime. This new version will also address the purple asteroids hit point issue. Once again i say Bah!

Back to my Rep points for a moment and i have to say that i am proud to make it onto this list. Keep up the good work all you other dedicated people, i hope to return to this list soon.


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