Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Birthday and Off Roading

Yesterday was my birthday. Yeah, it is on that infamous day now in American history. 9 years ago it was a shocking wake up call from a friend of mine called Ian. Today it is a sad memory of how people died and how people fight over stuff. Real or imagined it makes little difference to me. Killing people just seems so wrong. Although i must admit to knowing people that make me feel like i need to kill them. Alrighty, so that last sentence was not actually true, it is a figure of speech only, and i am glad it is. So apart from helping ferry my kids around and having to go into work for a few hours it was a rather uneventful day. I did get some great birthday cards and this year for the first time i got a whole load of birthday well wishes from friends and family via Facebook. That was very very nice and made me feel all sentimental i can tell ya.

Sunday morning was to be my birthday time and i took the whole family off roading at Rowher flats off of Sand Canyon exit of the 14 just outside of Valencia. We had a great time and the kids and wife rode very well. I even got to have a go at some of my more intimidating hill climbs and this time the shoulder held up to the abuse. That certainly made me feel better. We rode to the top of the mountain up the fire road and generally razzed around a lot. I made a new friend in a guy also called Robert who lives close to Rowher.

Later we managed to get clean and go visit my friend who has a new puppy and steal his warcraft 3 disks while also delivering his Xbox back to him. He had loaned me this so i could do high score sharing code. Hmm, i just realised i have not released that to the general public yet, DOH! i need more time!

After that it was a quick visit to grab a malt shake from Carls Junior and home to watch the ens tennis final. Only to be told that it was rained out and might now happen on Monday.. How the heck am i gonna tape that now? I am noteven sure they know what time it is gonna be on. bah! Stupid USTA.

I am now pretty tired, and looking forward to some hard earned sleep.

Dreamland is still in Peer review and so far has maybe 3 reviews, which is ok with me.
A Shooter has had a single playtest so far, and no scores have been shared to me :( Though i keep leaving my xbox on all the time with a score from me. Though over night it turns itself off, also during the day when i go to work.

G'night everyone.

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