Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Shooter Competition

Though i have been told by a number of people that competitions have drawbacks and are dangerous. I cannot help but be drawn to them to help me get the word out about A Shooter. Having those darned Global Highscores has to be useful for something more than seeing how good people have gotten. I believe they should be able to help me sell A Shooter and also get the word out that it exists.

I know i have spent quite a lot of money on the T-Shirts and Hats, but i hope to recoup that in extra coverage by the media. Maybe it will work, and maybe it won't. I am not shy about trying new things that is for sure. This competition however does not really feel new per se, but more a visit to a bygone age when games had competitions attached to them.

Now i am suffering a lot of internet outtage here at home at the moment, but i hope this posts when it comes time. But here is a quick description of where i am at the moment.

I have the competition page setup (Check it here if you are interested).
I have the Press release ready to go (Check it out in the previous Blog post!)
So what more do i need?

Well i am going to contact the guy who send out my Press releases at Mitorah Games. He does an excellent job and for a low fee (imho). I will be trying to get me press release out for Friday if that is possible. A Shooter looks like it might go Live about then and i really want to hit on all cylinders at the same time. this means release of the game to Xblig and also the press release. I sure hope i do not fail Peer reveiw, or this is gonna get really annoying.

I am worried that soemthing will go wrong, there are many things that could fail of course. Time will tell how it goes.


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