Friday, September 10, 2010

Sometimes ya gotta take a breath

Last night i worked real late. I was tired and fixing some bugs and little things in A Shooter.

Then i made the ccGame i wanted to for the Xbox Playtest. Instead of immediately uploading it to MS i decided to download it to my Xbox an give it a final test. I always try to do a final test. Then I look less like an idiot when the version goes up and the first person to test it finds something horibly wrong right away.

So luckily for me i did this as i noticed i hadn't redone the default high score setup, DOH!
5 seconds later that was done and i had a new ccGame. It was however at this point i realised how tired i was at nearly 2am. I also realised that i would not be able to really objectively test the ccGame on the xbox either. I reckon i would miss something. So instead i went to bed... and slept like a baby.

This morning while i was eating breakfast and regaling the wife with my tales of working while tired into the early hours of the morning. It became apparent my wisom of the earlier session was to hold true. As just eating breakfast made me realise that i had not removed the level jump cheat, bah!

So glad i waited, maybe tonight i will get it right and then into playtest.


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