Saturday, September 4, 2010

Screenshots, so how many?

How many screenshots do ya think would be a good number ?
I guess it will depend on what ya want them for eh? Good question. Well i need 4 for the XBox Dashboard when my game is live, so people can see soemthing about the game. I also need some for my Press Pack.

So lets see, that really means the question is how many for the press pack? I was thinking maybe 12-20. Seems like a lot 20, but then if several review sites want to feature my game (c'mon, it could happen!). Then i want them to have a choice, so not all sites show the same exact gameplay pictures. Hmm. So 20 seems good. Total then is 24 pictures.

So how many should i take before wittling them down to just 24?

This is where i went OTT i think. I took 300 screenshots as i played through the game, from the start of the game to the end. though now i realise i have no menu or title page screenshots, haha! Then i had to go through them and pare it all down. 24 is a low number compared to 300. This has taken me a while, but i have managed to reduce the number eventualy. Though it now resides at 49 screenshots. BAH! There is no way i can get that number down. Those pictures each tell a story of one craft battling against the multitudes and winning. DANG, now i realise i need pictures of multiplayer, lol. Guess i am not done with this yet after all :|

More after my family and I get back from a quick vacation doing some RVing out at El Mirage and riding our off road bikes.



  1. Sounds like me making the OSA trailer. I took a video of nearly every cool move in the game, and before I trimmed it down I'd virtually created a walkthrough of the entire game.

    20 final images seems like a good number. The other question is how many sizes and formats to ship them in, and what else (banners, etc.) to create. There was a good post on the XNA forums about this a while ago, but I can't recall.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Well i spent to long testing your game tonight. I got through my silver and none signed in gamer stuff, adn then played to break it for a bit. When that turned up nothing i played it through more to see what was going on.

    Ok, ok, so ya got me hooked, just... one.... more.. try.. syndrome took over.

    And so i finished it. But never got to a second game review. Hhaha, i eed to go to bed now. Excellent game. As for my screenshots, well i have a total number of 60 now. I figure that different reviewers will want different pictures to each other (if i should be so lucky to get picture reviews). As for the video, i am going to go away and design what i want to show.

    Thanks for the comment,
    Da Voodoochief