Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Error on release

Well A Shooter has of course been out now for 3 days. In that time i have managed to get quite befuddled as to why it only manages to generate 3 stars of rating. Also why the conversion rate is so low for one of my games.

I know some people will think i am just full of it, and they are entitled to their opinion. However i take along time over my games, i also take a very long time researching and implementing things that people will like in a trial. so far i have done very well. Till this game.

I was baffled. and then it came to light thanks to several people on my twitter list. It seems the main issue is that people were not finding the powerups, and as that is Very central to my trial experience, it is no wonder people are turned off. Without collecting those powerups, you will die. It is as simple as that. also when you start my game you have a very short firepower, and then whammo 15 seconds later it is powered up to twice it's length, also with more fire speed added.

so without all that it is bad news for me. I know i won't really get a second chance at this, but i hope that myu competition will keep enough people interested until a patch can be released. I have it mostly finished now, i am just making a few minor adjustements and a few bug fixes etc.

If only i had known what i know now. It is not like anyone came up with this issue while in playtest or all my focus testing.


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