Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reveiwers list clarification

So someone asked me how come i spent so many hours working on a simple list of reveiwers. Well i thought everyone would understand but apparently not. So here is some clarification on what i spent so much time on. And of course expect to do the same.

Every time i wanted to add a contact to the list i would have to go to their website and make sure they still existed (yes even the ones i visit a lot). Then i would find the contact info as best i could. A lot of websites seem to hide this information. Or at least make it hard to decipher.
Once i knew they were still around, i would check their review status to make sure they were still reveiwing Xblig games. Some sites change their focus and some just go stale. Once it passed that test i wrote down the info i could find into the Xcel sheet.

Simple to do all that eh!. Well lets break it down a bit into time.
1. Check my Doc to see the next reviewer link. (minute 1)
2. Bring up the new web page after a quick copy paste (minute 2)
3. Check out to see if there is any contact info (minute 5)
4. Check out the site to see if it is stale, or if they just Mock Xbligs. (minute 8)
5. Copy and write all the info into my xcel file into the correct area. (minute 10)

So there we have it, about 10 minutes per entry (ok this seems a lot more than i spent, but some places were easier and faster. So i am sure that the average is much lower). I went through about 20-25 pages so i know i did not actually spend 10 minutes per, but in about 2.5 - 3 hours work i got through them all. Some were rejected, some were not. i ended up with  about 15 new sites i think, so not bad in the end, but funnily enough 15 added over 3 hours means 12 minutes each. haha!

So time consuming, i am so glad i can now just add to this list in the future, though i feel i will only be adding ones that reveiw my games. The main reason is that i now have a short list of 11 sites that have reveiwed my own or my Peers games. That is an awesome start. I am STOKED that i now have the possibility that i could get 11 reveiws for A Shooter.



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