Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dreamland Dollar version is in Peer Review

YAY! i finally have managed to upload the latest ccgame for A Dreamland Chronicles Game. It has taken me a while but i really think this is a good move. Now the game will be a dollar once it gets through and goes live. Replacing the 3 dollar version that is currently up there.

Last month (august) it got downloaded an amazing 455 times. I think this is awesome. However it's sell thru is only at 2.?% and that is bad. I hope that this new price point will get the conversion rate up above 10%, and therefore be making me more money and making the whole thing a lot more popular. It is a pity i cannot easily let all those people know that the price has been reduced (so far about 6K of them). ahh well.

at first i could not get the game down low enough, because i did not want to pixelate the beautiful artwork for the sake of more sell thru. Since that time i have ben able to get Xact to compress the Audio saving me about 12MB. Then i realized that some pages did not have to be so darned large. That was enough to just get me under the 50MB limit for 1 dollar games.

So hopefully it will be out in about a week or so, and maybe my sell thru will go through the roof. I can always hope. I can also hope that it will get many more downloads as the price point is lower.

Time will tell, and i will post about it in approximately a month.


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