Friday, October 1, 2010

A Shooter Level 9 playthru

I have noticed people are getting stuck on various levels. So i thought tonight was the night to get a First video playthru of a level done and out into the internets. I picked level 9 for a few reasons. One is that a number of people are stuck on the level, and these are people that are vying for the T-Shirt Event #2 etc. also the level is late enough that it will allow people that want to progress under their own guile and creativity will not be too worried about it. Next up will have to be level 5, cos boy o boy that seems to be stumping people. I am not sure why, Maybe i need to ask for feedback here.

Here is the Link to the Youtube Video, complete with my Instructional Voice-over :)

I was going to post how i got my Update out to the Peer Reveiwers, but tbh it isn't ready. I have a good excuse in that i have been too busy at work, and playing a bit of Deathspank with my daughter :)

So go check out the video, then come back and tell me what to do to improve the instruction for the next level i do. Yes, you could also tell me which level you would like me to do the most.


P.s. I find it easy to instruct my levels because there is actual strategy to each of them.

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