Saturday, October 2, 2010

Global High Scores Competition Story

Today has been a rather exciting day from my perspective, and also from at least two other people i know of that live i believe in Germany.

So it is time for a story...
This story begins with A Shooter and it's global high score sharing. It is also important to know there is a competition runing each week for someone to win a T-shirt by having a great score on the game.
One of my regular tweet buddies and also someone who posts regularly in this Blog has been playing the game (we shall call him Lohen). He has been working his way up the leaderboard and gotten to level 9 on the game. I have commended him on this and can see that below people that workwed on the game and last weeks winner. He has the next highest score. so he is in a winning position with about 25 hours to go. Sweet you would say, but he has been spreading rumours about his brother (we shall call him Bohdel). His brother who was going to come online this weekend and kick his behind and take away his hard fought for T-shirt position.

Well now it is this weekend, and lo and behold his Bohdel has played the game. Not only that but as i tuned in every hour or so to see what was happening a wonderful scenario and story enfolded. Although i was not in Germany watching these two brothers go at it. I could see their scores screaping up. Every hour Bohdel was getting closer and closer to his Lohens score. I thought it was getting inevitable that he would be overtaken when Blammo, Lohen himself posts a higher score, mere thousands higher than his advancing brother.

I then went out tonigth for food and finally got a virus on my PC i had to clear. while i was doing that the brothers were obviously neck and neck and fighting for the better score. Germany was a hive of activity as Lohen and Bohdel pitted their finest joystick wrangling and button bashing against each other.

So when i got back home it was sleep time in Germany, though i am sure both brothers stayed up waaay too late. but what of their status? While i was out eating i had relayed this story to my wife (my kids had already ben eagerly following the saga unfold during the day, exceitedly i might add). She thought it sounded pretty cool, and when we got back in we all checked the High Score table... What did we find ?

It seems that Bohdel had increased his score quite considerably, but Omgoodness so had Lohen. Lohen had actually increased his score enough to get above last weeks winner (very nice). So the days battle has ended with Lohen actually residing i 3rd place on the leaderboard about 30,000 points above his brother. This is very exciting and i am anticipating more to come tomorrow. Who can leave this weekend a winner? Will someone random from lower down the table come and steal the Glory?

All these questions and more will be answered come tomorrow at 9pm PST.

Good luck to everyone that tries. And good luck to Lohen and Bohdel, may the best brother win.

Da Voodoochief

Edit:- (response to the recent comment)
Hi Lohengriehn,
It really is a pleasure to hear from you. I also loved the experience of making A Shooter and having you and your brother enhance it in such a wonderful way. Alas, as you might have read my some recent posts by me, until Microsoft allows me scoreboards online (leaderboarsds)  then i cannot do another game. all my designs really need people to see how well others can do and compete against them. If MS do allow real scroebaords, then i will redo A Shooter with those added in. Then we can have some real fights going on, with new players as well.
So glad you are doing well, Live life and have fun :)
Da Voodoochief


  1. :-)

    Hey, thanks for the mention in your blog. It was indeed very exciting. To clear things up a bit: My brother lives 300km away from me, in Cologne. So we had no idea how the other one performs on the highscore competition. Because of the P2P-system on XBLIG there was a small delay with updates on the highscore list. It was very exciting to check the presense of my brother secondly (the status tab when you click your friends tab on XBL). It says like "Phase 1...fighting endboss....(time jump) Phase 8....fighting endboss...Phase 9......" Then I was watching very concentrated what happens next...I really wished I dont have to see "Phase 10" on his presence tab - and the videogame god was with me :-)

    We had a nice conversation between our attempts to break each other hghscores..."Coming closer", "Digging at your score", "Hard to break, but very soon...", "Youre an real egghead!" and so on :-)

    There was one special moment my heart was beating like there is s.o.knocking at my wooden front door...there seems to be some magical area every highscore you want to top (at me the one from Gontyanbaby). I got very nervous as I came closer to his score...and adrenaline level was very high I guess :-) Wohoo..Took the time of a cigarette and another half of it to calm down finally. lol.

    I have to say it would be really fine to see some more entries in the highscore list. AShooter is fun. And Im sure even if the contest is over it remains challenging to beat your last highscore.

    - Lohengriehn ;-)

  2. Hey Robert! One year after our great experience w/ A Shooter. Still think about those times. Great ones. The T-Shirt still is in its place - in safety! :-) Hope all is fine at you?! Perhaps Ill come back to Xbox one day and update my scores...lets see. Not very addicted to xbox anymore. But I know your gamestill is on my harddisc, waiting for to be played! Wont forget! Greetings from Germany! Lohengriehn